Question : How to configure Busy Lamp Field - Speed dials on a Callmanager Express


I manage a Cisco Callmanager expres 3.2 and I've an issue to configure 7914 expansion module with Busy Lamp Field/Speed dial buttons.
The operator would like to monitor the internal extensions if they are busy or not, but also she would like to transfer in incoming call on the mainnumber via the same button to the internal employee.
I've noticed when I configure the buttons on the expansion module that the operator can not forward the call anymore via the speeddial button.

Does somebody have a clue how to configure the speed-dial buttons on a 7914 expansion module for either monitoring (BLF) and for SD(Speed dial) to mix both features.

Below is a snapshot of the current configuration.

ephone  2
 device-security-mode none
 mac-address 0017.0EC8.4ECA
 ephone-template 2
 username "mhabets" password <removed>
 speed-dial 1 <remote telephonenumber> label "IT"
 speed-dial 2 <remote telephonenumber> label "Travel"
 speed-dial 3 <remote telephonenumber> label "Skynet"
 speed-dial 4 <remote telephonenumber> label "Taxi"
 speed-dial 5 <remote telephonenumber> label "Lunch"
 speed-dial 6 <remote telephonenumber> label "Antonio"
 speed-dial 7 <remote telephonenumber> label "Dagobert"
 speed-dial 8 <remote telephonenumber> label "Danny"
 speed-dial 9 <remote telephonenumber> label "Denis"
 speed-dial 10 <remote telephonenumber> label "Elaine"
 speed-dial 11 <remote telephonenumber> label "Giovani"
 speed-dial 12 <remote telephonenumber>label "Guido"
 speed-dial 13 <remote telephonenumber>label "Jeanette"
 speed-dial 14 <remote telephonenumber>label "Michael"
 speed-dial 15 <remote telephonenumber>label "Nabil"
 speed-dial 16 <remote telephonenumber>label "Sidnei"
 speed-dial 17 <remote telephonenumber>label "Tommy"
 speed-dial 18 <remote telephonenumber>label "Wendell"
 speed-dial 19 <remote telephonenumber>label "Brad"
 type 7960 addon 1 7914
 keep-conference endcall
 button  1:1

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Answer : How to configure Busy Lamp Field - Speed dials on a Callmanager Express

<I seem to remember a post a while back, that discussed something like this, I'll see if I can look it up>
Sorry, that Q was on how to export from Excel to Access

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