Question : SQL Server 2008 work with GTM date

Hi experts!

I have e product working via Internet with user being in different time zones. My product is ready with SQL Server 2005, but I consider change it to SQL Server 2008 primary because of this new date type.

My question is follow:
Can SQL Server 2008 handle with scenario like this:
User A with GTM +2 connect and write a date in SQL Serer which work on GTM 0 and write datehour 5 p.m
User B with GTM-2 connect to server with GTM0 and when make query for data of user A see his data enter corrected with his GTM offset.  For up example, he to see 1 p.m (which is 5 p.m for user A)

If can, question is – how???


Answer : SQL Server 2008 work with GTM date

In simple words,

* While storing records in your table use SELECT GETUTCDATE() instead of GETDATE()
* While retrieving records from the table use
SELECT dateadd(ss, DATEDIFF(ss, GETUTCDATE(), GETDATE()), ur_date_column)

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