Question : JSF/Hibernate: Custom Validators

Using JSF/Hibernate in a java web application. I want to use custom JSF validation. One of the validator will be used to cheque for uniqueness in the database so that for example i will not have more than one email address in the table.

This easy enough but i want now to have a generic validator so that i can call it regardless of the table or field for which i want to validate for uniqueness. How can i achieve this considering the validate function only accepts only 3 values i.e. FacesContext, UIComponent and the Object value? I want to fore xample be able to pass the object name of the object i want to search for in the database, the field name for which i want to check uniqueness and the value entered.

Answer : JSF/Hibernate: Custom Validators

As an example, you can store the extra info you need in UIComponent's attributes or as a session or request attribute, i.e. FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().put("yourAttribute", yourData);

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