Question : Server running out of space.

I'm not sure if anyone has an answer to this but we have a server on our job that is having problems with its hard drive filling up.  The System drive C:\ will have as much as 12 gigs free and minutes later it could go down to 7 gigs free then back up to 12 gigs free.  It sometimes goes even lower and it effects the system performance.  The application that runs on this server has folders that are not filling up like this.  The virus scan shows no viruses.  Has anyone seen anything weird like this before?  I know the question sounds generic but what could possibly cause something like this?

Answer : Server running out of space.

Have you checked the settings on VSS? Go to My Computer, Right click on teh C: and go to previous versions. Are there a bunch of previous versions or is it creating these too often or too large?
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