Question : Subreport group only showing the first record

I have a report that, on page2 (DetailsSection2), I call a SubReport.  The subreport contains a group that should display several records.  

When I view my report in a browser page 1 loads just fine.  When I click next to view the next page (which is my subreport) the page will display however it only displays the first record in the group and not all the records??!!

Just as a test I tried loading this report on it's own (not having it as a subreport) and the report loads correctly showing all the records in the group.  The problem must have something to do with it being a subreport.

Any help would be appreciated for I'm about to jump of a cliff using this software.  Thanks! :o)

Answer : Subreport group only showing the first record

i feel your pain. I have many times wanted to jump off a cliff :-) That being said

Do you have a group created in your subreport? If sounds like its grouped on a field.
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