Question : stsadm import command fails to execute

Hi --

I am trying to run this command on my backup server after I have successfully run stsadm -o to export all the .dat files.  They have been copied across to the local drive (C:\LOCALBACKUPS) on the server but when I try and execture the command below, I get a an error that says "Command Line Error" and the then an output of the different commands to use with stsadm.exe.  I have done this on many occasions but just can't see what I am missing here.

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Command I am running
stsadm –o import –url http://companyweb/ –filename "c:\localbackup\intranetbackup.dat" –includeusersecurity

Answer : stsadm import command fails to execute

Could you not insert that info into standard Javadoc?
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