Question : Quickbooks Database Manager On SBS 2008


I have a new SBS 2008 Server. This server is used to host Quickbooks 2009 for three LAN users. As usual I installed just the Database manager component from the 2009 disc. Unfortunately it had to install flash on the server, I could find no way around it.

The issue I am having is I point it to the database folder. Then I click scan and the database shows in the bottom box. Then when I close the program and re-open it the database is no longer listed as running or listed and I have to click scan again. There is an update button in the program to check for a newer version but unfortunately it just takes me to a general downloads page and I cant find the program. Has anyone else ran into this? I have only installed the 2010 version on my other clients sbs 08 machines, but I have installed the 09 verion on dozens of sbs 2003 systems with no problems. Please advise.

Answer : Quickbooks Database Manager On SBS 2008

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