Question : Help needed with a Jvcl-example


On the Jedi-site I found an example called JvTimeFrameWork.
it uses a TDatabase component with a few TQuery-components.

The OnCreate looks like this:

procedure TPhotoOpMain.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
   DataPath: string;
   DataPath := '..\examples\JvTimeFramework\PhotoOp\Data\';
   dbUTF.Params.Add('PATH=' + DataPath);

I have found a readme file that saids:
"The PhotoOp demo uses a Paradox database to store the data. In order to run this
 demo, you need to have the BDE installed and correctly configured. In addition, the
 path to the data is restricted in Paradox. If you get an error about the path being too
 long when you start the application, copy the executable and the \Data subfolder from
 the source folder to a folder with a shorter path and run the demo from that location instead.

I don't know nothing about BDE, I am only familiar with ADO-components.
When I run the application I get the message:

Project PhotoOp.exe raised exception class EDBEngineError with message 'Network initialization failed.
Permission denied.
Directory: C:\'.

I don't know what it means and I don't know what to do to make this example works.
Who knows the answer and is willing to help me?

Greetings, Peter Kiers

Answer : Help needed with a Jvcl-example

here is what they say about this file in that doc :

Network Control File
The Paradox network control file, PDOXUSRS.NET, serves as the reference point for all lock files created by Paradox.  The net file contains the users currently using the BDE and which table they're accessing.  Each lock file references the network control file and contains information regarding the locks on the table and by which user, so each user must map to the same network control file in the same way, but not necessarily with the same drive letter.
For example, if you are using volume DATA on server SERVER_1 and the network control file is in the directory \PDOXDATA each user must map \\SERVER_1\DATA:\PDOXDATA the same way, however, each user should, but is not required to use the same drive letter.  If the network you are using does not have volumes, then DATA would be a directory off the root of SERVER_1.
If you are mapping \\SERVER_1\DATA to the root of drive P: then each Paradox system would specify the location of PARADOX.NET as P:\PDOXDATA\.  However, other users could map \\SERVER_1\DATA to the root of drive O: and specify O:\PDOXDATA\ as the location of the network control file.
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