Question : Access: IF ELSE better or SELECT CASE?

Hello experts,

I have a tab control with few tabs in it.

In each tab, I have a tick box called "Next"

So in Tab1, if a user completed, he will click Next and proceed to Tab2 and so on.

I am planning to code something like this:
When Next checkbox in Tab1 is selected, then next time the form on current will set focus on Tab2 and so on.

Here's the code I using IF ELSE but don't really work well

If Me.Check1 = True Then
End If

If Me.Check1 = True And Me.2 = True Then
End If

I have also tried using Select Case but wasn't sure how to use it.

Please help!


Answer : Access: IF ELSE better or SELECT CASE?

Go for false rather than true.  The first form that is not read (not checked) is where you focus.

If Not Me.Check1 Then
ElseIf Not Me.Check2 Then
Else  ' last page does not need test
End If
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