Question : SQL query creating table from crosstab query string

Good Morning,

I'm trying to create a table from a string in access, however there is an issue with the "FROM" part of the string.

I've done this before, using simpler methods, however I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

Code Attached.
SELECT * INTO tblTestTable FROM (TRANSFORM Count(tblResponseAnalysisData.LogOff) AS CountOfLogOff SELECT tblResponseAnalysisData.CompanyCode FROM tblResponseAnalysisData RIGHT JOIN tblLogType ON tblResponseAnalysisData.LogOff = tblLogType.LogNo GROUP BY tblResponseAnalysisData.CompanyCode PIVOT tblLogType.ReportName)

Answer : SQL query creating table from crosstab query string

>>I know i could create a new temporary querydef, but I was trying to minimalise my code.

Yea, you can't do it in one because TRANSFORM works on the final result and cannot be subbed.
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