Question : Using a website instead of Excel

I have a meeting this afternoon in which I'm proposing a solution to fix a business problem.. The problem is the business current process is to have over 200 employees use an Excel spreadsheet to enter data and then attach it somewhere. SSIS retrieves the spreadsheet and then tries to clean up the data and imports into SQL Server 2008.. My solution is to use a website so employees can not manipultae the data on the spreadsheet( formatting, invalid data..etc..).. We have so many problems with current employees using this method.. What I'm asking from you is to list any reasons you see to support my theory that a website would work better...

Answer : Using a website instead of Excel

I'm sure that you explained to them some problems in the previous spreadsheet methods,
there can be:
1- data redundancy
users can enter one data many times
2- there isn't any security for don't losting data
users can delete data suddenly
3- cuncurrecy with working is impossible
when two users download spreadsheet and change it , how this data can be merged?
4- there isn't any access roles there
maybe some data shouldn't to be show to special users, this can not be done with spreadsheet
and many other acceptable reasons, I think the first reason mere can be acceptable to move to web site method.

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