Question : Call forwarding from a cell phone

I wanted to know if there's a type of service that I can subscribe to that will forward my works phone calls over to my personal phone?  

For some reason, my manager believes we should all carry both a Blackberry for emails and a regular cell phone for work phone calls.  This makes me carry a total of three phones including my personal phone, which makes me very annoyed over the whole thing.  The most annoying thing of it all is that he favors his friend over everyone else and he has both the phone feature and email on his Blackberry which he also uses as his personal phone.

Any ideas?

Answer : Call forwarding from a cell phone

Usually the Network Provider has to enable the Blackberry Internet Service on the BB units in question for the units to have access to browsing and applications like Facebook or twitter (or even their websites)

Have you tried speaking to your network service provider about this? I can enable unlimited emails on my BB for a small monthly fee but if I activate the internet service, I have to pay a huge subscription. Not sure how your network operator tackles this.
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