Question : IE & Firefox not working on VM Workstation

I'm running Windows 7 on VMWorkstation 7.1 (Host is also Windows 7).
Email, FTP, RDP work fine.  However, the browsers don't work.  Neither Internet Explorer nor Firefox will resolve websites.  Sometimes, I can get google to work, but that's about it.  Even if I run Firefox is safe-mode, it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Answer : IE & Firefox not working on VM Workstation

Look at the properties of your Virtual Machine (Open VMware -> Edit the Settings of the VM). Look at the network adapter. Is it set for NAT? or is it set to Bridged?

Assuming you have a router or server external to the Windows 7 host machine, try Bridged mode and see if that works.

If you are running in NAT mode, the VM is on a different subnet from the Host machine. Make sure the Host firewall allows traffic from the VM subnet range.

It seems like you have a DNS problem, and the solutions may be different depending on whether you use Bridged or NAT network mode.  .... Thinkpads_User
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