Question : Asterisk - Changing the Voicemail Naming Convention

This may be an odd question, but I am wondering if it is possible to change the way Asterisk names the voicemail files.

For example, instead of the number system it uses, msg0000, msg0001, msg0002 etc.. I would like to change it to something like, msg1001, msg1002, msg1003 etc..

The reason being (and maybe someone has a better solution), is that I have 2 asterisk servers, each at different physical locations.  The phones "double register" to each server, so if one server goes down, they still have a line that works.

The problem gets to be, if the primary server goes down, and inbound calls roll to the secondary server, voicemails are on the secondary server.  

Going forward I use Spideroak online backup to keep offsite history of the servers.  Spideroak has a sync feature, that would allow me to keep files in sync between the 2 servers.

Ultimately I would like Spideroak to keep the voicemail folders in sync, so everything is consistent on both servers.  However the voicemails having the same names on both servers is a problem because the sync will keep the most recent version, causing a legitimate voicemail message on server a or b to be wiped out.  

So in comes the question of changing the naming convention to solve this issue.

Any ideas??

Answer : Asterisk - Changing the Voicemail Naming Convention

You can't unless you modify the source code directly.
Normally you would have messages written to either a nfs mounted redundant storage system or use imap storage and various imapsync tools.
I assume you are already using asterisk realtime to store config in a database so you can use mysql in active/standby mode?
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