Question : Exchange 2007 bouncing a message

I have a new installation of SBS2008 and i have an email that is generated with a PDF attatchment with a subject line of "_stdin_" this is displayiong as bounced from within my trend imhs console.  I am receiving other emails from this sender with attatchments but they have a subject line of "Invoice  # 123456".  I am assuming that exchange has a policy of some sorts which is rejecting the email.  Unfortunalty i can not  get a copy of the NDR from the sender as they are telling me that they do not recieve them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer : Exchange 2007 bouncing a message

As long the lab network will in no way have any connectivity to the production network I don't see why you can't make copies of the DC VM's, and you can use the same IP's as you are now. The easiest way to make a copy is to shutdown the VM and use FastSCP.

You can use Lab Manager if you want to, but it seems like overkill for this.
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