Question : Migrating from XP professional to Windows 7 Home

      just today i ran into a permissions problem migrating a user from Windows XP Professional to Windows 7 Home edition. I have to migrate a Incredimail Xe Account to the new machine. I recreated the account but i can't seem to migrate the old mail to the new computer. Each folder and individual file needs the permissions reset to allow the new user to access it. When i go to "import" the mail nothing shows up in the folder box becuase i do not have permissions for the individual files. If someone can give me a solution to change all the permissions for the files and folders in one shot it would be great, and maybe give me an answer as to how to go about doing this next time so i do not run into the same problem again.

In addition, i'd like some advice as to what program i can use for migration from an XP machine to a Windows 7 machine. recently i looked at PC Mover and was wondering if that was a viable option. Any thoughts and solutions are appreciated.  Thanks.

Answer : Migrating from XP professional to Windows 7 Home

Use SET IDENTITY_INSERT to allow updates/inserts to the identity column.

set identity_insert tbl on;
update tbl set idcol = somenewformula;
set identity_insert tbl off;
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