Question : Web page for end-users to map a printer?

We're wanting to have a webpage on our Intranet so that our end-users can go to it and click on the printer they want, then have it install.  Currently you can type it in the run prompt and it works just fine \\printserver\printer1 and it'll map the printer.  We can also make a .lnk to the share and click on the .lnk file in a browser so that it references the actual folder on the server and that works ok, but seems a roundabout way to me to map it.  I'm guessing basic IE security is what's stopping us from this?  The page i have for testing is says:
<a href="\\printserver\printer1">printer1 - ISD Printer </a> <br>
<a href="\\printserver\printer2">printer2 - Energy Printer </a> <br>

I get the typical "cannot display this webpage".  Is there a way to make this work by telling IE security to never worry about this page?  Or is there a better way to do this than our .lnk way?  It works...but like i said, seemed like maybe it could be done a simpler way.  Let me know what you all think, thanks!

Answer : Web page for end-users to map a printer?


 During OS installation the installation routine will create (or will  have created) a volume group called rootvg consisting of hdisk0 containing the logical  volumes and filesystems pertaining to the OS (e.g. /, /usr, /var etc.)

 Next, you will have to decide whether to create an additional volume  group consisting of hdisk1 and hdisk2 to contain your data, or whether  to extend rootvg by hdisk1 and hdisk2 to place the data there.

 It's good and normal practice to create an additional volume group, so  I'd recommend doing it this way.

 The simplest way is to use "smitty mkvg" (choose "Scalable ...") to create the volume group and "smitty crfs" (choose "Enhanced...") to create filesystems along with their mountpoints (that's probably what you call "folder").

Should you need assistance with this, please let me know. I'll help you.


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