Question : syntax to create URL links from flash

I have a client who created an application in flash to send out URL links that have embedded parcel id information. For example, .

I am trying to find a syntax that will allow the creation of this URL link carrying the  ?ParcelID=HT12345 section of this link and embed that into a textbox located in a webform in the web address.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer : syntax to create URL links from flash

I had issues on the preupgradecheck report which carried forward into the test upgrade.

I put some notes into how to fix the items on the preupgradecheck here:

Not out of the woods yet since I still am running into a "A duplicate content type name "Resource" was found." error even though the preupgradecheck report was clean.  I'm going to close this question and leave the other open as cleaning up the preupgradecheck report is better than trying to clean up after a failed upgrade.
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