Question : critical drive was mirrored and data was lost


Today I have added 2 gb ram to my SBS 2003 server , after adding the dimms windows started and I have realized that my second drive that was used for storage  just dissapeared/
 I remembered that I had a mirror for this drive but it was faulty for 2 weeks (the "faulty mirror" i saw on disk management) , I though that it was the broken mirror that cause that so I went to disk manager and clicked "add mirror" on the drive hoping the drive will back to normal, the problem is that I clicked the drive that had all my data so windows started re-syncing and when I realized after few minutes this might be the wrong drive I stopped it, all the data was gone and instead I got the old data from the faulty drive.
 now I am desperately in need for help, not to mention the stupidity of my actions.

Thank you for your help!


Answer : critical drive was mirrored and data was lost

Most software program will NOT restore data that was over-written with new data. They can recover deleted files, and fix partitioning and other issues, but not restore data that is already overwritten.

There might be a small possibility of restoring some of the data that was not over-written, but there are no guarantees.

You really need a professional service where you can send both drives and have them figure out what can be saved.

I would do a Byte by Byte image of both drives to another set of drives  ( even USB external ) so that you have at elast a starting image in case there are more issues down the road.

You can certainly wait for more experts to jump in, but this sounds urgent.

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