Question : Can 20 pin PSU replace a 24 pin PSU?

Morning Experts,
I must replace a cheap 24 pin PSU.  I do not have any available.  i have seen 20 pinners on 24 pin MBs before with 4 empty pins.  The owner does not do power-intensive work.  I actually am dropping down from a 650 watt  cheapy to a high-quality 400 watter,  IF you experts approve of that.

So, THE QUESTION IS:  Can I install a 20 pin PSU on a 24 pin MB?

thanks in advance.

Answer : Can 20 pin PSU replace a 24 pin PSU?

Hi Donnie - That will probably work as long as you have the additional 4 pin power plug if it is required. In any case it won't hurt to try.
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