Question : Password protect new webpage

We are working on a new website. Our current site is hosted by Covad.  To test the new site we created a folder called newsite under the old site and put the new webpage in that folder called newsite.  We did not want the public to see the new site yet, but now it is showing up in Google search.  How can I password protect the new site so only authorized users can view it?  Is it possible to password protect the subfolder called "newsite" but still allow public access to the old site?  

Answer : Password protect new webpage

For the meta tag, just place that in the 'head' section of any page you want to exclude from the search engine.
I'm not familiar with Covad but generally web hosts have a "control panel" of some sort and in the file manager you can set individual permissions.  There are three levels of permission; read, write and execute.  What you want to do is set perms to owner or group only.
You can set them with your FTP, SCP program as well.   Hope that helps.
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