Question : Programmatic Access Security (Outlook 2007)

Hi all,

How can I enable the access to change the settings for the programmatic
access in Outlook 2007.   It is greyed out.

The issue I am having is a staff member keeps receiving this pop up saying that another program is trying to access email addresses in Outlook.  I have read that the way to stop this is to go into the Programmatic Access Security  (tools --> trust center) and set this to "never display warnings".

But it is set to display warnings and greyed out so it cannot be altered.

So how can I ungrey this, or... if there is some other way I can get those pop up messages to go away that would be fine too.

Thanks in advance,


Answer : Programmatic Access Security (Outlook 2007)

It really depends on what is in the byte array.  An HBITMAP is just a handle to a bitmap.

The bitmap can be one of 6 different formats.
 The structure of the bitmap can be found in
One of the things you have to be aware of is that the bitmaps are stored upside down.  The top line is at the bottom of the file and the bottom line is at the top.
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