Question : Recover Vista

One of our Vista Professional can't boot with stop: 0x0000012A. I have tried safe mode, last known good, Startup Repair and System Restore. But none of them fix it. I can get the data by taking the HD out and read the data from other computer. The problem is the owner doesn't like to re-install windows Vista because there are many applications he may not have CD or license keys. is there any way we can try to restore the Vista?

Answer : Recover Vista

You could try to perform a manual system restore if you are really desperate
Do as follows:
1. Boot to the Windows Recovery Environment and select the Command Prompt

2. At the prompt enter the following commands:
cd windows\system32\config

3. At the prompt cd windows\system32\config> enter the following:

ren default default.old
ren sam sam.old
ren system system.old
ren security security.old
ren software software.old

cd regback

4. At the prompt C:\windows\system32\config\regback> enter the following:

copy default c:\windows\system32\config
copy sam c:\windows\system32\config
copy system c:\windows\system32\config
copy security c:\windows\system32\config
copy software c:\windows\system32\config

5. Close the command prompt window and reboot the computer
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