Question : Screen resolution problem in sharepoint

We have a sharepoint intranet site and in one of the site collection pages we have a page where we have 9 webparts which have their height and widths fit to the zone. the page is looking good in high resolution screen. but we would like to show the samepage in 1024*768 resolution without scrollbars. Is there anyway i can do this. Please help me. All other pages are fine as they dont have much data in them. We have problem with this particular page. Please suggest me some ideas.


Answer : Screen resolution problem in sharepoint

1. Adjust the font size (9 web parts on a single page, will be tough to have in a 1024x768 page so time to start making stuff plain smaller

2. Consider implementing Easy Tabs to put all sorts of web parts, in one space, using tabs to separate them (works great!)

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