Question : Computer Case For EVGA 285GTX...

I am looking for a computer case that will accomodate  a couple of EVGA 285GTX video cards as well as 4 HD and 2 Optical drives and has excellent, cooling and tool less drive feature as well as air filters.  I need something that is lighter in weight yet good construction and warranty.  USB 3.0 is on my Motherboard
(Gigabyte 890fx..)

Answer : Computer Case For EVGA 285GTX...

Two key words by nobus "IF you have GOOD filters" -

Typical chassis filters will restrict airflow and are not going to do a very good job of keeping dust out anyway. Maybe if you clean them constantly you might have some luck but it hardly seems worth it unless you just happen to be in a very dusty environment.

Like I said, best cooling and dust results will come from maintaining positive interior pressure.
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