Question : DL360 G4p Hard Drive Failure.

I purchased 2 Ultra320 SCSI HD for my DL360G4p, however, when I boot it up and go to the BIOS I don't see the drive beeing recognized.  I was able to boot Centos 5.5 liveCD from USB.  The only change I remember doing was flashing the BIOS.  I don't think that would cause an issue.  I'm thinking there might be a RAID configuration isssue but that doesn't explain why the BIOS isn't identifying the 2 HD.

Answer : DL360 G4p Hard Drive Failure.

Ah, I understand. The motherboard supports onboard SATA RAID, but you;ve got SCSI drives so theer aren't any SATA disks in it, SmartStart CD is the way to go.
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