Question : Sysprep Win Xp asking for XP CD after reboot

I am trying to create an image for our laptops for a few models we have in house.  For now I am focusing on just one; the Dell E6400.  I have imaged it and I am using Macrium to make the image.  I have a sysprep folder and have used a driver backup program to backup all the .inf files in folders in the sysprep folder. I do a scan of the folder with a program called Spdrvscn that puts the driver information in the registry.

I got this from this tutorial and my sysprep file matches it.

When I image a laptop and then run the scanning program and then the sysprep batch file it reboots and then starts asking for the Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD and files bu it is looking for the following files:

(It's current directory is pointing at the c:\sysprep\drivers\.... folders so it's looking for them.

intelppm.sys (asks twice)
cmbatt.sys (again)
cmbatt.sys (again)
i8042prt.sys (again)

The scanning program only looks for .inf files.  There is nothing in the tutorial or on the scanning program page to indicate anything else.  I am obviously goofing up something given it's looking for all these files.

I did a basic enterprise XP Pro load with slipstreamed SP3 and then ran all the updates on it via windows update... added all my programs and customized it and left it off the domain.  

Why is it asking for all these files?  I have a batch file I run to run sysprep and my syprep answer file if you want to see it.

Right now I am just trying to apply the image to the SAME model and sysprep it and this is what is happening.

Answer : Sysprep Win Xp asking for XP CD after reboot

The INF is just the pointer to the "meat" of a driver - which are .DLL, .sys and etc...

Just copy all those files to your sysprep driver directory, should be good to go.

Most of those files you have listed are basic driver components that the INF points at.


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