Question : SQL Server 2005 Replication

I have two servers (Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition) in different geographical location. Both are connected through Sonicwall Net Extender (SSL-VPN).

I have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on both servers. I have configured Replication on them.

Server A is Publisher & Distributor

Server B is Subscriber

When I intialize replication and open Replication Monitor, it gives me error that Unable to connect to Subscriber. I know that if I will connect both computers to same domain it will work. What I want to know is if there is any work around for servers not on same domain??

Thank you

Answer : SQL Server 2005 Replication

1)check if the sql browser service is enabled and running.
2)connect to the subscriber using SSMS and type in:>to get the server name to use to connect.
Use Master
Select @@Servername
3)Try using SQL Server Configuration MAnager to create an alias to the remote
server (on the publisher) then register this alias name in SSMS to test if

Also check if both servers allow remote connections...its good to be sure.
Run this on each instance:
sp_configure 'show advanced options',
Reconfigure with Override
sp_configure 'remote access'

if this returns 1, their server is configure for remote access.
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