Question : sql stored procedure

I need to do the following:

1) Select  CompanyID From Companies (table) where username = my passed in username that i pass in.

2)Select  * from the following tables


where companyId = ‘returned company from previous query
and BidID = 'something that i will pass into the stored procedure'

CompanyID is in (Vendors, Contacts and Contractors) and BidId is in Vendors

I have asked this question before and it does not seem to be working.

Answer : sql stored procedure

Select v.*, c.*, t.*
from USers n
inner join Vendors v on v.companyid=n.companyid
left join Contractors c on c.companyid=n.companyid
left join contacts t on t.companyid=n.companyid
where n.username = @UserName
  and v.BidID = @BidID
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