Question : Bad request invalid hostname - IIS GFI Mail Essentials

So I have GFI Mail essentials for anti-spam and using the quarantine option.  WHen a user gets a qtine report inside the LAN the URL (as specified in GFI Config) goes to
And it pulls up just fine  with a message that it was approved and the spam will go through.

Obviously this wont work on the outside as abc-server is not my domain name.  So I tried putting which is the owa address keeping the /SpamQuarantine and from the outside now I get the "Bad Request Invalid hostname" message.  I have alsotried the public IP of the with the same result.  Restarted IIS and all the GFI ME services multiple times after changes with same results.  Their support is lacking tremendously...
I saw something that said disable http redirects which I am not sure how to do, but there was another IIS www running called http redirects, and I did click stop but that didnt change anything.
Thanks for the help

Answer : Bad request invalid hostname - IIS GFI Mail Essentials

so, is "default web site" listening on "all unassigned" ip addresses and on port 80?

in your router, is the ip address for forwarded to the same box GFI's webserver is on?

does the gfi site do any other redirecting after internal clients connect to it?
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