Question : Netgear WNR2000 dd-wrt

I am trying to install dd-wrt on a Netgear WNR2000.
I cannot figure out what to do.
I have used the tftp to flash linksys before and cannot find any documentation on the Netgear.
Anyone know what files I need and how to install them?

Answer : Netgear WNR2000 dd-wrt

let me be clear, you can ruin your router by uploading foreign firmware to it.

but that being said, according to:

the hardware support says:
WNR2000  v2  PY309100105  Broadcom [email protected]?  32  4  Broadcom  b/g/n?  -  1  1  1 WAN/4 LAN  -   ?   ?  v.24 SP2 - build 14536 - 20100531  -

from this link:
the second line down is a link to the chk firmware. for the wnr2000
the first is the .bin firmware.

according to others you upload the firmware via web interface.
the closest instructions they have is for the wnr3500
found :

basically it's all experimental and there is no clear - step 1) step 2) download this.. etc instructions for that model.
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