Question : Need to find out switch & firewall IP and logon credentials

Hello and thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. More importantly your time. Much appreciated.

A new client has 12 pc's, 1 server 2003 SBS R2 w/ Exchange and Web Servers. The site has DHCP enabled.

I'm in the process of putting together a Network Information File for them. For the life of me i cannot find what the managed hardware (switch & firewall) IP addresses are. The previous IT person never supplied them with any of that information.

This the hardware:
Firewall: WatchGuard FireBox x5 Edge
Switch: Linksys 24 port 10/100 switch Model# EF3124

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Answer : Need to find out switch & firewall IP and logon credentials

If you need to reset the FireBox (and I think you will), unplug the device, hold down the reset button on the back, reconnect the power, but continue to hold down the reset button until the yellow Attn light stays on.  Dauman is right about the switch, it is unmanaged.

You can use tracert to find your gateway.  Just run "tracert" at the command prompt and the last address before going to a public address should be your internal firewall address.  Chances are, it may not matter because you might need to reset the firewall box.  Good luck!
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