Question : Excel 2007 Slow on one spreadsheet but only on one PC

Have a really odd problem here.

Customers network is running on Windows Server 2003 SBS, all clients are running fully patched XP Pro and Office 2007 SBS.

A network share on the server contains several spreadsheets, one of which is a spreadsheet which has a link to another spreadsheet on the network.

On only one PC on the network, when you perform a calculation on this spreadsheet, at the point where it performs a lookup on another spreadsheet (on the same share on the same server as the other spreadsheet) Excel seems to hang for up to 20 seconds, then displays the results correctly.  On all other PC's this is instant.  I tried everything from running updates, removing antivirus software, updating BIOS, resinstalling Office.  Nothing made any difference.

I have now just wiped the PC completely and reinstalled Windows, ran all the updates, added it to the domain, installed Office 2007, run updates on everything.  Tried the spreadsheet and it is exactly as before, really really slow.

From what I can tell network browsing and launching of files over the network seems fine, internet is nice and quick and there are no other symptoms.

Would really appreciate some guidance as to what on earth could be happening as I can't see that there can be any differences to this PC and all the other identical PC's on the network.



Answer : Excel 2007 Slow on one spreadsheet but only on one PC

I am googling to see if you can set the resolution of the PDF file (set the dpi in CFDOCUMENT), but I don't see that anywhere.  Seems like you cannot set the resolution.

I also read that it's optimal for your image to be 96 dpi for cfdocument.   That was just one person's observation.

My recommendation would be to lower the resolution of your image due to the limitation of cfdocument; it seems it cannot be set at the higher res.

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