Question : pop up windows in htmlUnit, click on them

Hi there,

After clicking a button on a page, a pop-up window opens (generated by javascript).
I need to click on a button inside this pop up window to go to the next page.
I don't know how to get hold of the source of this pop up window so I can click the button.

If I want to retrieve the source code of any html page I use the following code:
String htmlBody = page.getWebResponse().getContentAsString();
//Save the response in a file
String filePath = "c:/Ana/out.html";
BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(new File(filePath)));

But this does't get me the code for the pop up window.
Any ideas how to handle pop-ups un HtmlUnit?

Also, after clicking the button I get this warning:
22-Jul-2010 15:19:33 jsxFunction_confirm
WARNING: window.confirm("This operation will create new project document! Proceed?") no confirm handler installed, simulating the OK button
Interestingly enough, in this warning I can read what I see on the popup window. I wonder if I need to use a handler to grab the code of the pop up window.

Thank you,


Answer : pop up windows in htmlUnit, click on them

ConfirmHandler okHandler = new ConfirmHandler() {
   boolean      handleConfirm(Page page, String message) {
       return true;
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