Question : Er diagram for university accommodation office

Hi, first of all i dont need anyone to do my homework, its just a simple question I am trying to have an answer for, and thanx to all.
I have a scenario for university accommodation office and need to draw an ER diagram for, in this scenario I have 3 entities has the common attributes as follows:
entities: Student, Staff, Room.
the common attributes between them are: StreetNo, StreetName, Suburb, Postcode.

is it better design for ER diagram to have a new entity (ADDRESS) with these attributes or just leave it as it is (that each entity has these attrbutes).

if the full scenario needed I will post it

Thank you so much

Answer : Er diagram for university accommodation office

If you have multiple people living at the same address, then I would generally create tbl_Addresses, with - AddressID, StreetNo, Street, City, State, Zip. Then store the address ID with each person.  

If a particular address has multiple apartments, then you might store that with the person as well (although there might be some discussion regarding where to put this information).
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