Question : SBS2k8 E-mail alias already exists

I'm trying to remove the default 2.0GB quota on a user's account. I'm going to the SBS2008 Server Manager and editing the user's profile from the users and groups tab. Within the 'Folders' page, I un-tick the quota box and click apply. At this point it jumps to the 'General' page and a popup baloon appears pointing to the email address field that states "Invalid e-mail alias. The e-mail alias already exists. Type a different e-mail alias."

The system didn't save the quota change and as a result, it looks like I must resolve this alias conflict first. Trouble is, it looks ok to me. It's the main email address for this user. The only thing I can think might be relevant is that of the two users that fail like this, both of them are forwarded to external contacts within Exchange. I've checked these contacts and they are configured with different email addresses so I just can't see a conflict. I've also tried removing this forwarding of mail and it had no effect.

Any ideas?

Answer : SBS2k8 E-mail alias already exists

I've heard back from another MVP, the question comes up, do you know how these users were added to the original SBS 2003

Has Exchange on the SBS 2003 server been removed yet?   If not that would be my priority.

If that does not resolve the issue, then in SBS 2008 Open the Exchange Manager Console >Expand Recipient Configuration >Click on Mail Contact

I would make record of all contacts there, then delete them.   Then go to the affected users Mailbox   Exchange Manager Console >Expand Recipient Configuration > Mailbox > Right Click on one of the affected users > Properties > Mail Flow Tab >  > Click on Delivery Options > Properties button.  Remove any forwading.check boxes

I would then restart the server and when it comes back up...see if you still have the issue.

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