Question : SAS or SATA


I have a new server I want to use for webhosting (which will have quite a bit of MYSQL useage on it).

The Drives on this new server are 2x SAS 146gig. I need much more space so thinking about getting 2x 500gig SATA, will still be using RAID 1.

Will there be any noticeable difference, anyone advice against this?

Answer : SAS or SATA

There may not be much difference in performance between the two interfaces (since neither bus will be swamped with just 2 disks) but there is a vast difference in performance between 146GB disks and 500GB disks. Forget the interfacce and lookup the seek times and rotational latency of the two, that's what you should compare, e.g. 147GB 15K about 180 IOPS, 500GB 7.2K about 75 IOPS.
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