Question : Error occurred while creating the transfer set

One of our remote laptops shows an error when trying to do a sync with our server.  The error is only showing up on the remote laptop so it's not even reaching our server.

We upgraded our GM server, local workstation and remote laptops from version 7.0 to 7.5.  Last successful sync between the remote laptop and server was about 2 weeks before the upgrade.

In addition to the sync error, it is also having a problem sending email though Goldmine.  I don't know if these two problems are related or not.  Images show more information.

I tried deleting anything in the Goldmine/Sync folder on the remote laptop but that doesn't fix the problem.  After the failed sync, it did create the new sub folders and files in the Sync folder.

We have 6 other remote laptops and they are syncing fine after the 7.5 upgrade.

Sync error

Email error

Answer : Error occurred while creating the transfer set

if you put in the Windows 7 DVD into the drive, in the BIOS select the first boot device as CD/DVD and it should boot from the operating system and then follow the installation procedure
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