Question : Determine Your Hardware Requirements for Windows Server 2008

For any operating system (OS), hardware must meet minimum requirements in order to run the OS, and in a production environment, your hardware needs to meet at least the optimal requirements. You need to assess whether the hardware your organization owns will meet or—better yet—exceed the minimum requirements for the Windows Server 2008 OS.

Answer : Determine Your Hardware Requirements for Windows Server 2008

Determine what the minimum, recommended, and optimal requirements are for Windows Server 2008 and compare your findings with your hardware.

When determining whether you have the hardware requirements needed to install and run an OS, you need to focus on three hardware resources:

  Minimum: 512MB
  Recommended: 1GB
  Optimal: 2GB
  Minimum: 1Ghz
  Recommended: 2Ghz
  Optimal: 3Ghz
Disk space needed for system partition:
  Minimum: 10GB
  Recommended: 40GB
  Optimal: 80GB


The recommendations take into consideration only what is needed to run the OS. You need to also determine whether any applications are going to run on the server and include any resources requirements for those applications.


Keep in mind that if you increase your memory above 16GB, you will need to increase your disk space requirements to accommodate for the pagefile (if kept on a system partition), hibernation, and the dump file.


You can use a tool called the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) to inventory your servers and generate a report to help determine which servers will work for your Windows Server 2008 installations. At the time of this writing, the tool is located at

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