Question : give Administrative Privilege App by command

Hi, I need to execute an app and I would like to know how can I give the "run as administrator" from console.

I've noticed that in windows vista/7, in properties program window is a checkbox that allows (see picture) it, but... is there a way to do that from command prompt?

Many thanks.
Run as Administrator Property
Run as Administrator Property

Answer : give Administrative Privilege App by command

Ok. So the question is: is the user already a member of the group administrators? If yes, the best way would be to setup a scheduled task and have it run with highest privileges. Afterwards, the user could doubleclikck a shortcut to this task and the app will start with highest privileges without any prompt for consent.
A second possibility is to install a shim and use the option runas invoker, see

However, if he ain't a member of the group administrators, he will have to know the password of the account administrator (or have it at least delivered encrypted) and has to use a batch with runas.
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