Question : Outlook 2003 Send mail issue

Hi All,
I'm currently recieving the following message from my Outlook 2003 client (Configred as a POP3 account):
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
            550 and has been rejected.

This occurs regardless of which email address I send it to even if I send it to the originating email address.  I am able to successfully send an SMTP message through the command line and I am able to recieve emails in my Outlook 2003 client, so I'm fairly certain that any firewall issues can be ruled out from a pure network perspective.  Does anyone have any insight or suggestions as to what configuration in Outlook 2003 needs to be set in order to be able to send emails?

Answer : Outlook 2003 Send mail issue

To get the fastest possible performance, you'll need to be very specific on how the user is allowed to search. Otherwise a db with appropriate indexes would be the way. The former is the only way you could make it worth 'reinventing' the latter
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