Question : XP 10 inbound connection limit question

Hi Guys,
i have an xp pro box running an access database for 10 users always logged on simoultaneously so that is the limit. I want to connect my clocking system via RS-232 port to this xp box. One of the other users in the company(not one of the 10) will be using RDP to connect to the xp box to access the clock system then she will print to her desktop printer in the terminal server session. Now my question will this count as an inbound connection? obviously with 10 allready used an 11th wont be allowed? does rdp count as an extra connection? i have rdp'd into that xp box in the past even with 10 other users connected, i just dont want to run into any other problems, or does that 10 limit mean only for file and printer sharing?

Answer : XP 10 inbound connection limit question

Hi ReinerWentzel,

10 limit is only for file and print sharing RDP will not be counted as additional connections.

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