Question : Online Forms and SQL

My company has a project coming up soon that we would like to employ technology on.

The setup is:
1.      Multiple people in multiple states, gathering information that all needs to end up in the same SQL database at the home office.
2.      The data needs to be in a consistent format.
3.      They may or may not have an internet connection during the day but they will at night when back in their hotel room.

Must haves:
1.      The data must ultimately end up in the SQL database.
2.      No duplicate data entry. (Example: We don’t want them to type the info in Excel on site and then have to re type it into an online form at the hotel)
3.      Ability to have multiple forms as the data gathered my differ from state to state

So the question is:
What software or software package would allow me to create online forms so the data is kept consistent and allow for some of the users to upload in mass at the end of the day what they gathered?

We have an SQL server, IIS server (we host our own website), Office 2007 Basic on all laptops that will be used and an IT guy (me) who has too much to do already to learn VB. :-)

Thanks for your thoughts!

Answer : Online Forms and SQL

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