Question : How can I send HTML formatted emails to someone who signs up on my site

I have a sign up page that allows users to add their name, address etc and on the second page it askes them to upload a picture of themselves.

Once they have added their personal info on the first page, I want to be able to send an email to them to tell them they have signed up with my site, add abit of welcome text, and a logo of my site.

I'm not sure how I can get this done, can someone help me please?

I have used email scripts before, but they have been really basic.  

Answer : How can I send HTML formatted emails to someone who signs up on my site

I'm very sorry, but I forgot something that is useful. First, I forgot to say that to make html emails it's better to use some specific class that allow to do it easily and simply. The standard mail function works right with plain text emails but it's not so good for more sophisticated usages. I suggest to use <a href=''>TemplateMailer class</a> (I'm not sure how I can insert a clickable link, so I don't know if this works). In the zip archive you can find the class itself and a demo file. I've used it to send html mails to registered users of a site and it works very fine, it's free and very flexible. Take a look and if you encounter some problem I'll try to find my old code to help you - but I think you will use it without any problem.

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