Question : Everything frozen in Google docs


I just started using Google docs.  Someone else created a folder and designated me as the owner so it is showing up as one of My Folders.  

What would cause me to not be able to click any of the Google docs buttons including create new, upload, move to, delete, rename, etc.?  When I click on them, it is as if the page is frozen (i.e. the cursor does not change to a hand/finger pointer as it normally does and actually nothing happens).  

By the way, I also CAN put check marks in the boxes to the left of the files but if I then click Delete, for example, nothing happens.

I'm sure the browser page is not frozen because I CAN go up higher and click the links (Gmail, calendar, etc.) and the larger buttons (search docs, search templates, etc.).

I have tried it in both IE 8 and Firefox 3.6.3 with the same results.


Answer : Everything frozen in Google docs

Are you running any software firewall, internet security suite, or anti-virus app with integrated firewall/security features?
Disable them temporarily, and see if it works.

Although you say that the same happens not only to FF but also to IE, it may be still worth trying with a new clean FF profile.
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