Question : Oracle and SQl training for Crystal Reports job

Hi Experts!

I am looking for some advice from an exprience database guru.  I am wanting learn Oracle Database and SQL for a reprorting job that interfaces with Crystal Reports.  I know Crysta Reports but need to learn Oracle and SQL.  Do you think it is better to learn Oracle and how the SQL fuctions within it, or focus on each seperate?  Any suggestions would be great!

Answer : Oracle and SQl training for Crystal Reports job

Central Admin running as local system account isn't a good sign.

You don't need Office on the server.

If everything is going on one server, install the free version of SQL 2008 express or 2005 express.

Install MOSS and choose Advanced install - Complete.  You need to create some Active DIrectory accounts before hand, at least one for "farm account", and one for everything else (if this isn't a prod environment).  Just read through Technet.

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