Question : Video editing


I have a video of 1 minute. 30 seconds of the video is horizontal view, and rest of the 30 seconds is vertical view.  I want an free easy software that can help me to convert the whole video into  either horizontal or vertical view.

No need a heavy software, just a spyware free tiny one will do my task.


Answer : Video editing

         I have a rule with theses protocols being denied, MMS,MMS SERVER<  RTSP< RTSP SERVER.

Why?  That is a waste of time.  Everything is denied by default, don't allow them to start with and they won't be allowed.

My problem is that I  have some streaming sites still making it through

Then they probably are not using one of those protocols.  Most are not.  Most use HTTP to stream.   You can't block that very easy without blocking the whole site.
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