Question : DNS Event ID's 4010 & 4013


I recently completed a server shuffle between 2 locations. Here's a brief description of my setup:

Site A
Server08 - Server 2008 Standard SP2 (Holds all FSMO Roles) – GC
Server03 - Server 2003 Server SP2

Site B
Server00 - Windows 2000 Server SP4 GC

After Server Shuffle:
Site A

Site B
Server 03
Server00 – Demoted to member server and removed from domain

After completing the move, both Server08 and Server03 are now logging events 4010, 4013 and all AD-related records are gone from DNS on Server08. Server03 still has all DNS records intact. Here’s how DNS is being displayed from both servers:

From Server08:  Server03 is showing to have the same records as Server08 (no AD-related records)

From Server03: Server08 is showing to have the correct DNS records (all AD-Records intact)

**Note** When I open the Server Manager on Server08, it is showing to have the correct DNS records.

I did a bit of research on the mentioned event ( and could not resolve the problem. I’m not an ADSI Edit wizard but I noticed that in AD Advanced Features, under System ->MicrosoftDNS, The only object present is “RootDNSServers”. Should %domainname%  be present in this location?

Am I able to transfer FSMO Roles from Server08 to Server03? I considered this but could not find any documentation to back up the theory. If so, I could transfer roles to Server03 and demote Server08 to member server and then re-add it as a DC .

The DNS server was unable to create a resource record for  e3009225-a1d8-4df5-82dc-08e5f0223a8f._msdcs.domain.local. in zone domain.local. The Active Directory definition of this resource record is corrupt or contains an invalid DNS name. The event data contains the error.

The DNS server is waiting for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to signal that the initial synchronization of the directory has been completed. The DNS server service cannot start until the initial synchronization is complete because critical DNS data might not yet be replicated onto this domain controller. If events in the AD DS event log indicate that there is a problem with DNS name resolution, consider adding the IP address of another DNS server for this domain to the DNS server list in the Internet Protocol properties of this computer. This event will be logged every two minutes until AD DS has signaled that the initial synchronization has successfully completed.

Thank you for your help in advance

Answer : DNS Event ID's 4010 & 4013

May be change the profile,login with any other user and verify .
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