Question : dispersion module on visual net

Hi all,
could you help me with this problem
I have a table with some data that i need to expand the example is the next.

elemento      rango      de      a      codigo
CODO 90°,      3000 LB.,      0.500      2.000      CCD1NV4G

where de a must increase in .500 each the dispersion table must contain the next values .500 to 2.000 incrementing in .500 each time.

elemento      rango      de      a      codigo
CODO 90°,      3000 LB.,      0.500      .500      CCD1NV4G
CODO 90°,      3000 LB.,      0.500      1.000      CCD1NV4G
CODO 90°,      3000 LB.,      0.500      1.500      CCD1NV4G
CODO 90°,      3000 LB.,      0.500      2.000      CCD1NV4G

there are a lot of posible combinations for this not only this is only an exampel, but if you help me with an example code for do so i realy apreciate


Answer : dispersion module on visual net

A basic solution would be to use an access-list to block all traffic FROM the guest subnet TO the Internal subnets.

You could also use a routing policy such that traffic FROM guest going to Internal is sent to the black hole.

Another solution would be install a Firewall in between - Ideal solution

Terminate guest vlan gateway on a seperate Internet router/link

Finally, i suppose you could also use private vlans to accomplish this.

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