Question : Should a misanthrope donate?

I'll be frank, I feel a great contempt towards most people, most of the time. So if we take the example of blood donation, there's a very good chance that if I were to donate, then my blood would go to someone who I would despise (if I knew them).

It sounds ridiculous, but I recently skipped a blood donation session I had made an appointment for, due to this state of mixed emotion I'm currently in. I want to donate because that's the sort of society I want to live in, but whenever I leave the house I end up returning home full of anger and frustration. So the idea of helping to perpetuate this world makes me cringe.

So I feel torn, even though on the face of it it seems like a no-brainer. I suppose I'm hoping that someone can empathise.

To turn this more into a question: how would you convince a misanthrope to donate? The fact that I would happily accept others' blood doesn't seem to help.

Answer : Should a misanthrope donate?

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